Terms of Use

Welcome to akorto.com

akorto.com is a site that offers monetization solutions through shortened URLs. This site allows its users to shorten URLs and obtain economic benefits by sending traffic to shortened URLs.

By using the akorto.com site service , you agree that the Site includes advertisements in shortened URLs, which is a requirement for the Site to be financially maintained ...  Advertising is shown to the visitor on their way to the destination URL.

The use of this website is subject to the following terms, conditions of use and navigation:

 By using the services of akorto.com , you agree not to:

1:  Bring fake/automated traffic of any kind, to your shortened links. Nor is it allowed to manipulate our system to gain points of view. This includes robots, IFRAME, redirects, proxy servers, traffic exchange, email traffic, PTC traffic, hitleap, tinkle, etc;

2:  Request a visitor to click on their shortened links in exchange for an "incentive"

2.1:  Spam on websites, forums or blogs with shortened links

2.2:  Click on your own shortened URLs to generate revenue. We reserve the right not to pay the income generated by our own clicks

3:  Redirect automatically to your shortened URLs from a Web site script etc ...

4:  Open shortened URLs using an IFRAME or popups / popunder

5:  Create redirect loops with URL akorto.com or similar services to generate revenue

6:  Curtains links on websites of high danger to visitors, with content related to suicide, weapons, wars, threats, obscene, harassing, defamatory attack on Internet users, viruses, Trojans, worms, or containing any type of software capable of causing damage to the visitor's device or the site's server

7: Use Shrink URLs that redirect to websites that contain the content mentioned above

8:  Use our services to distribute files with malicious, harmful code such as spyware, adware, Trojans or other dangerous codes

9:  Orchestrate actions that may go against akorto.com and its users or services

10:  Create conflicts with other users who are using our services

11:  Use our services for illegal or unauthorized purposes by international and local laws

12:  Do not use our services for piracy, child pornography, harassment, abuse, racism or violation of the rights of individuals or entities

13:  Create multiple accounts. (Only one account per person is allowed), if we detect this practice we will cancel all your accounts

14:  Abuse the contact system (Spam), such as sending mail regarding payments before the expiration dates or another

15:  Threatening akorto.com with high-caliber phrases through messages

16:  Provide false information about your identity or incomplete

If the user decides not to respect our terms, his account will be canceled permanently.